A Cup of Bliss

When weekends draw in, it’s that little bit beautiful to switch off and unwind especially after a days of workload. So when my fitness enthusiast buddy decided to shift a good old run for a session of yoga, I was completely sold. I have never done it before that’s why it’s relatively challenging to do … More A Cup of Bliss

Winning the Battle

It’s a Saturday morning, at the crack of dawn, when my trusty alarm woke me up. Looked at the clock that read 2:30 a.m., the time was finally here! Rolled myself out of bed, stretched up and welcomed the day with positivity, I quickly changed into my wonder woman outfit. And no, I’m not in … More Winning the Battle

One Day More

When the Mackintosh production’s Les Miserables announced that it would be performing in Manila, both my sisters and I knew that we shouldn’t miss it! We heard a lot of good reviews about the legendary musical that we’re thrilled to watch the show. And truth-be-told, at the end of the performance, we surely weren’t disappointed … More One Day More

Into the Pavements

Recently, I’ve been inspired on having a healthier and active lifestyle. This may seem to be a simple idea to begin with, but the prospect quite overwhelmed me. There’s a mix feeling of excitement for venturing into something new and a bit query of being able to commit into it. But seeing myself being fit … More Into the Pavements