A Cup of Bliss

When weekends draw in, it’s that little bit beautiful to switch off and unwind especially after a days of workload. So when my fitness enthusiast buddy decided to shift a good old run for a session of yoga, I was completely sold. I have never done it before that’s why it’s relatively challenging to do most of the poses. But pretty much impressed on the joy of the mind-body benefit I received. Shaking, wobbling and flexing here and there, I was trying to channel the inner balance master in me.


The best part would be the reflection where you could completely feel your body being lifted at the end of the class. It brings a positive energy that you could do all things with just a flick of a hand. Absolutely raring to do this again, it’s a great morning retreat and probably the most relaxed I’d been in a really long time. Namaste!





After a good stretch and de-stressing, we headed to Salcedo market to pick-up some delicious snacks. Wandering around while eyeing out the best option, I adored the stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables, organic products and those beautiful flowers. A taste of Makati life underneath a lovely sunny weather that is. And before we left, we both grab a salad, kale smoothie and cream cheese mini-pancakes.

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