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Spruced with potted plants, wooden tables and lush greenery carpet, the Earth Kitchen is a reminiscent of an indoor garden scene – a relaxing retreat with a casual vibe and a hint of refinement. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? So what are you waiting for? Grab a seat because you are invited to a wholesome backyard celebration.


IMG_6770.JPGGot Heart Mix

IMG_6795.JPGGot Heart Mix 2

A well-balanced drink of beets, carrots, apples, cucumber and honey, have a Got Heart Mix to get the party started. But for a citrusy fling, here’s a Got Heart Mix 2 of pineapple, orange, carrots, ginger and honey.

IMG_6777.JPGWatermelon and Rocket Salad

Welcoming you with a bright smile is a rockery salad soaring with fruity watermelons and oh-so-creamy kesong puti cheese. Tossed in together with fresh green crunch, nuts and a rich finish of balsamic vinaigrette, it ‘s a mouthful of bite that speaks for itself.

IMG_6800.JPGMushroom Spring Rolls

IMG_6774.JPGShrimp Spring Rolls

There’s nothing quite so appetizing than fresh spring rolls accompanied by a sensational lime hoisin sauce. Clean fresh wrap of naturally produced herbs, greens and peanuts, choose between shitake mushroom and shrimp for that meaty touch.

IMG_6786.JPGPumpkin and Goat’s Cheese Paccheri

A little something to steal the show is the fresh homemade pasta of goat’s cheese, roasted pumpkin and pili. While optional gems of nuts or bacon bits are added for that special dash. Take a forkful of this sweet creamy dish and it will leave you wanting more.

IMG_6783.JPGEarth Kitchen Ravioli

If you think you had enough, more exciting things are yet to come. Just like this ravioli generously stuffed with smooth fillings of comote tops, white cheese, basil and pili nuts. Smothered with pomodoro sauce and Parmesan cheese, it ‘s all gone in no time.

IMG_6782.JPGFish and Roasted Sesame

Capped with Mahi-mahi fillet, salad greens, cucumber and seaweeds, these soft tacos are super great to share with. Especially with the roasted sesame dressing that makes it an interesting piece.

IMG_6781.JPGBeef Kebab

A party isn’t complete without beef kebab for the lads. Boneless beef ribs paired with a Greek cucumber yogurt of tzatziki sauce, it’s an entire meal of Ifugao rice pillaf and grilled vegetables.


Finally, to finish off the feast, homemade carabao tablea ice cream with chocolate chip cookie crumble. Luscious taste of bittersweet cocoa that’s likely to be a guiltless indulgence, this dessert is all the more perfect to end with.



With that said, Earth Kitchen is an amazing spot for gatherings that’s worth the story to tell.

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