Bows, Arrows & Bull’s-eye

Can you believe it’s already August? Well for some reason, I can’t. Mainly because I’m not pretty sure where the past months have gone by. Nonetheless, right now, one thing I know for a certain – yesterday was a whole lot of fun! After a highly overdue worth of planning and getting our schedules all organized, my friends and I were finally been able to channel our inner Robin Hood and Katniss Everdeen.


Ready. Aim. Release.


Through a one-hour program, we braced off the archery range for the first time. Here, we were able to learn how to hold and fire an Archer’s bow. And after a short introduction of the proper guidelines, we set forth our skills by constant target practice. Sadly, I wasn’t able to hit any bull’s-eye throughout the session. And during the latter part, feeling strained, I was hitting on the wrong side of the row. It even comes to a point where I only have three arrows left to retreive. Opps… But surprisingly, I was able to pop the balloon target! Which I think is already an enough achievement for the day.


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5 thoughts on “Bows, Arrows & Bull’s-eye

  1. I have the same thoughts too. Before I know it, it’s already past the half-year mark. I just kept on wondering about what I have already done in the first half. I must say it’s been mostly like a roller-coaster.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll get the hang of this archery. Everything’s gotta be tough the first time, isn’t it? I’m hoping to do something like this soon. 🙂


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