Healthy Food Snap | Landers Superstore

After a trip to Landers, I was inspired to share with you some of the healthy selections I got. If you haven’t heard of Landers, it’s a new superstore in town much like S&R’s membership shopping experience. The difference? There’s a grooming barbershop inside the store (hello there guys!) and a gas station right outside it. It’s also more spacious with a modern feel into it. So if you haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, I recommend you to browse through Landers Superstore – Balintawak, Quezon City. You’ll surely be presented with great deals to fill your haul.


Badia’s Chia Seed

I usually buy chia seeds in small packages since I find it quite expensive for the bigger bulks. However, this one sounds like a bargain as compared to the other markets so I went for it. Plus, I like the way it’s nicely stored in a container for a practical and organized usage. An excellent source of protein, fibre and antioxidants, this superfood is a great addition to any meal. Add a teaspoon of these tiny seeds in water/milk and it will puff up like jelly. If you have read my previous post, I actually featured these seeds in my mango chai pudding which by the way is a must try.

Badia’s Albahhaca Basil Leaves

I love herbs and spices. With a simple dash, it creates great flavour combination to any dish. That’s why whenever I go for a food-shopping trip; I’m always looking forward with this selection. One thing that I have been eyeing the most is basil, which I think is the most versatile ingredient. Though I prefer the fresh leaves, this dried alternative comes in handy for longer self-life. Here’s the thing, together with Cayenne Pepper, it’s my secret seasoning to liven up my red rice.

Nutty Naturals Almonds and Shelled Walnuts

I have an immense fondness for nuts especially when mixed in salads. In a simple bite, they create a fine contrast in texture and flavour to any type of meal. Two of my favourites are the ideally raw or unseasoned almonds and walnuts! These are my on-the-go snacks to bring whenever I’m in a hurry. But given that I have a free time, I enjoy making some nutty granola with these. To maximize its freshness, raw nuts are best when preserved in a freezer.

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