Coco Ichibanya Curry House | Makati


Beyond the weekend adventures are stories of good companionship. It’s been months since I spent a time off with two of the craziest people I have known. So, excitement kicks me in when we decided to bond over a foodie trip. I have met them during my college years and I am grateful that they have constantly been part of my life. Though we often see each other, I love the fact that we’re still the same every time we hangout. That includes complete randomness filled with laughter and girl talks.

Just right around the corner in One Rockwell, we took a quest down spice road with Coco Ichibanya. Serving Japanese curry rice as their primary dish, this brightly lit restaurant is popularly noted for customizing your own dish to fit your likings. From the amount of rice, spicy level to the desired toppings, there are seemingly endless variation you could mix and match. That’s why, if it’s your first time to visit here, be prepared to spend a great quality of time deciding – just like we did.





Decisively simple, their curry sauce alone hits the spot for an authentic flavor. But personally, if you want to make it even better, add cheese in it! Mikee and I ordered the gratin and we relished it. Though, we wish they could have incorporated more sauce in it. As for Megan, she had the Croquette that’s bathing in a pool of curry. Mouthwatering! As for the side dish, we tried their naan bread with a curry sauce. Freshly baked, the soft and fluffy naan completes our whole meal.

IMG_5237.JPGEggplant & Spinach Curry Rice Gratin

IMG_5240.JPGChicken Curry Rice Gratin

IMG_5241.JPGCreamed Croquette Curry

IMG_5238.JPGA snap before we delve into our scrumptious lunch. And yes, being the hungry us, we munched on the naan bread already. 

Totally “curry”-fied! This place is not only about the curry cravings, but the nice service and delightful ambiance.

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5 thoughts on “Coco Ichibanya Curry House | Makati

  1. Funny that just recently I was reading a lot about curry. I think it was because of the fact that the night before, I ate a load of Indian food. Anyway, I’ve also wanted to try Coco Ichibanya for their curry. Such a curry lover, I am. 🙂

    Currently I get my fix Japanese curry with curry hirekatsu (tonkatsu without the fat) at Tonkatsu-ya. I’m more of an Indian curry guy, though.


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