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Bringing something new on the table are the organic, sustainable and locally produced dishes. And one of the places that have been dominating the trend is Green Pastures. For a long time now, I’ve been catching a lot of buzz about Chef Robby Goco’s success and it was not until recently when I had a taste of their farm-to-table experience.

Located at the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza is a small farmhouse with a comfortable and inviting space.Crafted with wooden panels and tables, it furnishes a rustic vibe but with a playful touch of bulb-lightings in wire cages and colorful metal chairs that complements the whole setting. If you’re looking for a neighborhood to dine out while relaxing, then this is your ideal place to be.



IMG_4662.JPGDo-It-Yourself (D.I.Y) Salad Bar

On the menu, guests can expect a wide range of international cuisine made with wholesome ingredients. And since some vary depending on the season, there’s always something new to try on. One quick look on their menu and you’ll know that this is not your typical restaurant. I’ll tell you why…

IMG_4663.JPGHarvest Chowder: river shrimps, squash, bacon, potatoes, corn, light cream

A comforting autumn inspired dish to warm up your palette. Made with simple ingredients, this soup is laden with savor even with a single sip.

IMG_4653.JPGJune Salad (Endless Summer Saladi): Mixed greens, kale, mangoes, strawberries, cucumber, dried cranberries, feta cheese, organic mint, chia seeds, sunflower seed, champagne berry vinaigrette.

Fresh crisp greens are taken to another level with the bold flavors of sweet fruits, feta cheese and a nutty contrast. Thus, making this salad an extraordinary first course meal. Beautifully presented in a wooden bowl, this one is my favorite and I can surely eat this all day long.

IMG_4652.JPGGreen Pasture’s Carbonara: Pancetta, mushrooms, green peas, farm egg, micro greens, pecorino, spaghetti

IMG_4656.JPGCrab meat, Sea Urchin: Lemon, chives, spaghetti

Similar in appearance but definitely distinct in taste, these spaghettis are not over seasoned nor smothered with sauce. Rather, these are served to highlight the raw taste of its main element. Runny egg yolks waiting to ooze from its poach for their very own Carbonara, while sea urchin with crab’s meat for a creamy and slightly sweet saltwater taste of the Uni pasta.

IMG_4651.JPGShort-rib Kimchee Fried Cauliflower rice: 48 hour grass-fed short-ribs, 142 degree egg

100% gluten-free, this dish will give your rice bowl a whole new spin. Though the cauliflower doesn’t fully substitute for the actual texture of rice, this Korean variation of a carb-free dish is a prime choice. But I’m warning you, if you’re not a spicy foodie like me, all you need are two little bites to feel the heat of the Kimchi.

IMG_4654.JPGRoast Organic Chicken: Konbu brine broth, lemon, grilled asparagus, jus

Keeping it simple, this commendable main is cooked tenderly with an aromatic punch. It doesn’t make much of an impression compared to their other dishes but it’s a nice addition your meal.

IMG_4655.JPGMushroom and Kale Paella (Good for 2-4 Persons): Ifugao heirloom tinawon red rice, fried oyster mushroom, saffron aioli, paprika oil

Going with a large group of people? Then opt for something that everyone will surely enjoy. Try this meatless paella made with the combination of mushroom, kale and earthy rice, giving its distinct and creamy richness. The best part? The crispy bottom layer of the dish.

There are still a lot of dishes that I personally want to try, which only means I have to go back then. But first, I need a sidekick since its servings are more than enough for my tummy. If you had been here what are your recommendations?



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