Buon Giorno! Caffe & Bistro | Tagaytay

There are moments in our life where we just fell in love with good food. An unexpected feeling that had tickled our tummy with each bite that’s worth every cent spent. You know what I mean right? Or am I just crazy? Nevertheless, eating at Buon Giorno in The Cliffhouse Tagaytay was one of those meals.


Welcoming the place is what I imagined to be an “enchanted forest”. Enclosed with vibrant trees is a single stoned-pathway that will lead you to a view-deck. Placed there are white wooden benches where you could simply sit and enjoy the atmospheric glow of the whole scene. Steeping in, I felt like I’m in a fairytale wonderland lost in a little quest. Now, I wonder what it‘s like there at night, maybe even better.

IMG_2275.JPGEnchanted forrest

IMG_2281.JPGFall in love with me

IMG_2283.JPGThe view: Taal Volcano


IMG_2289.JPGFor sale! Fresh and brightly coloured bell peppers

Opting for a hearty meal, our family’s lunch is filled with seafood and veggie dishes.

IMG_3099.JPGZuppe: Minestrone

To kick-start our appetite, we all shared a warm and comforting serving of Minestrone. It’s a classic Italian soup made with rich and flavorful tomato-based broth. Sprinkled on top is grated Parmesan cheese for an extra hint of tasty satisfaction. Soup-up!

IMG_3100.JPGInsalata: Green Goddess Salad

Second to be served is the typical first course green salad. Tossed together are mixed lettuce greens, sliced cucumber and tomatoes, feta cheese and calamari (Fried squid). Drizzling everything is a creamy-tangy salad dressing. It’s a light meal to indulge in while we’re waiting for our other orders.

Here it comes, the main course!

Untitled1.jpgPizza: Mare Pesto

Pesto sauce layered with an oozy gooey cheese is already an incredible pizza combination, but stuffing it with seafood madness of squid, shrimp and mussel takes it to a whole new level of goodness. Freshly baked, this mouthwatering thinly-crust pizza is a flavour for the soul. Highly recommended!

Pasta galore! Just because one isn’t enough! Loaded with garden-fresh produce and herbs, these meatless pastas are a forkful bite of guiltless delight.

IMG_3101.JPGVegetariano: Fettuccini Primavera with Pomodoro Sauce |  Vegetariano: Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce

On the left is a mild tomato-based pasta mixed with tender-crisp diversity of chopped veggies. It’s an Italian classic with a good balance of acidity and sweetness into it. While on the right is an al dente tossed in a flavourful rich blend of basil sauce – not too garlicky or salty for my palette. For bonus points, there’s no single drop of cream in it! Vegan-licious!

salmon.jpgPiato Principale: Salmone en Padella con Prugne Pesche e Pomodori

Downright sophisticated! Pan-roasted salmon that’s beautifully crust on the outside. Incorporated in it is a juicy mix of sweet prunes, peaches and tomatoes – a fantastic zest that really makes the salmon stands out. Serve on the side is more pesto spaghetti and veggies.

IMG_3102.JPGRisotto: Risotto Con Vendure del Meditterraneo

This melts-in-the-mouth bowl of haven is a crowd pleaser. It has a creamy consistency with a crunch full of oven-roasted Mediterranean vegetables. This, itself, already makes a complete filling meal to snuggle up with so watch out for those elastic pants.

IMG_3103.JPGSmoothies: Banana Pineapple

To quench my sweet taste buds, I had a muscled-arm mug of banana pineapple smoothie. And yes, this thing is literally heavy that I need to use both hands to lift it. For my mom, she had the green mango shake while my sibling had the dalandan shake.

With its romantically cozy settings and the compelling simplicity of its Italian dishes, there’s more in this restaurant than a love affair.

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