Winning the Battle


It’s a Saturday morning, at the crack of dawn, when my trusty alarm woke me up. Looked at the clock that read 2:30 a.m., the time was finally here! Rolled myself out of bed, stretched up and welcomed the day with positivity, I quickly changed into my wonder woman outfit. And no, I’m not in a mission to save the day. Rather, I’m in my goal to smash my personal record of 1:25 in a 10k race.

The theme of the event is Batman versus Superman, so it’s quite interesting to see different runners in their own costume. Some would be in their favourite superhero, while others decided to be the villain – Hey there, Joker! As for me, I’ve never been a superhero fanatic but it’s cool to participate in such a wholesome treat.

12980779_10206075673276897_947043974_o.jpg12998169_10154046773983363_3571634720551710214_o.jpgCourtesy of Pinoy Fitness

The event started in the stillness of the dark sky. Hence, while running, it’s lovely to be surrounded by the serenity of the atmosphere. It’s one of those moments where I felt like I owned the world. The roads were clear, far beyond the busy streets of Manila. And as the sun unfolds, everything just got better. Having a magnificent view, it amused me by the thought of the long path ahead. Maybe too distracted by the scenery that I have to ask a fellow runner if I’m going on the right way. Note to myself; be more conscious on my route.

By the six-kilometer mark, things were just looking up. I was trying to keep calm and pace myself, but I’ll be honest, this is the part where I started counting every minute. Equally, everyone around me was beginning to look weary but more than that, they were all determined. With the marshals cheering out an encouraging phrase, I acknowledge them with a smile – a simple act with a magical power for it energized my mood to keep moving forward. Four more kilometers and I’ll soon hit the finish line. Just run and enjoy.

Drifting along with the other runners, I began to be curious. What had inspired these runners to join the race? How long have they been participating in these kind of events? And thinking about these questions surprisingly enthused me to strive harder. If they could do it, so do I. One thing I realized was that it doesn’t matter if you’re in a crowd of proficient runners or beginners. Each one has their goal and you are your own run. Don’t be pressured if someone passed by you, everyone has to start somewhere. You just need pursue further to be successful.

One final kilometer and I’ll reach my goal. I speed up my pace with all that I can, and soon I could already see the finish line. So near yet so far! My body was urging me to stop but my mind disagrees – no, not this time. Momentarily after, there it was, photographers taking image of everyone’s victory. Crossed the line with the time of 1:12, I won the battle!


I made it! However, what I assumed to be just an ordinary run becomes a tipping point for me. Comparing my attitude and vigour towards my first 10k race, I‘ve discovered that I have positively transformed a lot as a runner. Now, I’m more resilient to endure the exhaustion and more confident with myself. This is also my first time to complete the distance on my own. It’s an attempt for me to experience a new venture to the unfamiliarity and independency. To which, at the end of the race, is a personal fulfillment for me.


There is a wonder inside all of us; we just need the courage to put up with the challenge.

Make it happen!

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