Balay Dako | Tagaytay


During our stay in Tagaytay, my family and I decided to visit one of its most recommended Filipino restaurants. Located at Tagaytay-Nagsugbu Highway, Balay Dako is recognized for serving traditional dishes with an overlooking view of the Taal Volcano.

The restaurant is structured like an old colonial house, a distinct signature of Antonio’s, with perfectly designed interior that’s both simple and elegant. The moment I saw the place, its beauty captivated me. Painted in a light blue-green shade with a hint of white, its color palette dreamily matches the calming and welcoming environment.



While waiting to be seated, we tried their Taho (Soy Bean Custard) – a famous Filipino comfort food that’s made from silken tofu, brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls. It has a delicate creamy texture that melts in your mouth with just the right sweetness of the syrup. Yummy!


The place is a three-storey house with each floor featuring different dinning experience. For our accommodation, we were settled on the ground floor of the house named as “Silong”. Surrounded by large windows, it will provide you with an alfresco setting to enjoy the Tagaytay breeze. Placed inside the area are an ice cream cart and a fresh hot piyaya station.

IMG_2827.JPGJust look at those wonders! Oh! The sweet aroma of pastry!

The menu offers a wide range of choices. If you’re a person craving for a good bite of meat or just opting for a healthier meal, there’s something for you to enjoy. Our favorite dish was definitely the Salmon sa Miso. The salmon with chopped vegetables are perfectly infused with the tartness of the tamarind soup. It’s a great alternative for the famous Bulalo.

IMG_2833.JPGSalmon sa Miso

The Minaning Kamote, a crispy deep-fried cassava cubes topped with browned garlic, was a strong contender in our list. It’s a good choice for an appetizer although I found it a bit salty. A staple food that is perfect for snacking.

IMG_2836.JPGMinaning Kamote

We also tried the Lumpiang Sariwa, a crepe-like wrapper filled with strips of palm heart. The softness of the wrapper was able to compliment the crisp-tenderness of the palm heart. Also placed inside are lettuce leaf, shrimps and bits of ground pork. To add a savory taste, the roll is accompanied with a semi-sweet thick sauce and garnished with crushed peanut.

IMG_2831.JPGLumpiang Sariwa

Piniritong Tawilis (Fried freshwater sardines) that’s best paired with the mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and chopped chilis.

IMG_2835.JPGPiniritong Tawilis

Laing na Gabi at Tokwa (Dried taro leaves cooked in coconut milk). I’m always fond of this dish! Just like the classic recipe, it’s creamy and flavourful all in one bite.

IMG_2832.JPGLaing na Gabi at Tokwa

For meat lovers like my brother, he enjoyed the Bistek Tagalog (A thinly sliced beef sirloin marinated in soy sauce and calamansi juice with sautéed white onions) and Sisig na Baboy (Sizzling pork belly).

IMG_2834.JPGBistek Tagalog

IMG_2830.JPGSisig na Baboy

For our dessert, we all shared an order of Halo-halo. Placed in a shaved ice are various toppings of caramelized banana, sweetened red bean, purple yam, jackfruit, crème caramel (Leche Plan) and dried rice crisp. Poured on top is an evaporated milk to add life in the colourful treat. And who could forget the scoop of ube ice cream?


We all had a delightful feast but our voyage would not end without visiting their deli store!



Untitled 2.jpgMost girls dream for their own shoe closet, well mine would be this. Spread some jam of happiness!

IMG_2118.JPGFresh veggies! Now, I just want to live here! 

Untitled.jpgJust because we need some take-homes

Stuffed with good food and delicacies, it’s now time head back home.

Speak soon, looking forward to share more of my food adventures with you!

Happy weekend everyone!

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