A Panoramic View | Tagaytay

To spend good quality time with each other, my family and I headed towards south to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the beautiful City of Tagaytay. It had been a two-hour long drive consisting of 90’s sing-along, sweet treats snacking (who couldn’t resists some M&M’s peanut?) and of course, sneaking little naps in between. I haven’t been in the city for years so I was a bit excited to revisit the place.


Waking up to a view like this is simply breathtaking. The blue sky tinted by the hue of dawn welcomes the slumbering volcano to a new day; as the serene sea and the gust of wind dances in the morning tune. In a second, the daylight eerily brings life to the wilderness. We stayed on a lodge overlooking the Taal Volcano and it’s quite surreal to be greeted by such picturesque scenery every morning. Even made better by having a delightful breakfast – a slice of warm coconut pie ( a.k.a. buko pie) and a cup of hot chocolate.

The city is an epicentre of tourism and an easy place to explore. It has a typical Filipino heritage feel with old towns surrounded by beautiful greenery and farms. Characterized by its cool and breezy climate, it’s an ideal place to go for a morning run or just to spend time on an outdoor atmosphere.



While on the road, I couldn’t resist to take this picture. The fluffy cloud reminds me of Toy’s Story. I just fell in love with the tranquility and solitude of the moment.


There are also a lot of roadside stalls that sell fresh fruits and vegetables; and various locally made products. For a hearty dinner, we bought some lettuce, pineapples, jackfruits and tomatoes. As for our refreshments, we each picked up fresh coconuts. Also known as a gastronomical paradise, the place is jam-packed with restaurants serving different cuisines. There, you’ll never run out of places to eat.



If you’re looking for a treat or just something to take home with, visit the Good Shepherd- Bahay Pastulan. It offers wide variety of homemade products that will surely satisfy your sweet cravings. For healthier choices, they have sugar-free banana chips, toasted peanuts and even chocolate covered walnuts (and yes, it’s made out of 100% cocoa without any sugar). As for my mom, she highly recommends their coconut pie.


The rest of the day was spent mostly for family bonding – playing board games, watching movies and full of chit-chats. Nonetheless, this is only half the adventure we had! I’ll post more about our food adventures soon, so stay tuned guys!

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