Into the Pavements


Recently, I’ve been inspired on having a healthier and active lifestyle. This may seem to be a simple idea to begin with, but the prospect quite overwhelmed me. There’s a mix feeling of excitement for venturing into something new and a bit query of being able to commit into it. But seeing myself being fit really motivates me to embark on this journey.

One of the activities that engage me the most is the power of running, which was introduced by a close friend of mine. What I like about it is the spontaneity of my own mindset when I’m running. I feel great and confident which fuels me to hit the trails once more. And experiencing the sport itself empowers me and I’m enjoying every seconds of it.

When I first signed up for a 10K run, I was a bit terrified. I had never participated in this sort of sporting event and had no idea on what to expect. Luckily, I was with a friend who is an experienced runner to guide me with the proper pacing, which makes the whole experience more uplifting. Admittedly, it had not been an easy road. There are certain moments where I secretly ask myself – “Are we there yet?” or “How long is this going to last?” But that’s just one of the main reason on why I appreciate running even more. Because at every end, there’s always a finish line that will represent such achievement and will wholeheartedly greet you with a smile – and a high five for bonus points!

If you’re a beginner like me or just want to try the sport, you could start by joining creative runs – “fun run events”. Tag your friends along or your family! Not only will it be fun but also it is a great way to spend time and hangout with them. It will also bring out the competitiveness in you! And what’s nice after a good run is having a good meal! But that’s a different kind of story.

Into the Pavements 1.jpgInto the Pavements 2.jpg

That’s all for now! And may the course be with you! 

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